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The kuliah subuh for today is quite interesting. It is about some hadith, elaborated by al-Ustadh Dawi Cahyono.

Taken from Riyadhus Sholihin, one of the hadith which has been delivered this morning is:

185. Pertama: Dari Abu Said al-Khudri r.a., katanya: “Saya mendengar Rasulullah

s.a.w. bersabda:

“Barangsiapa di antara engkau semua melihat sesuatu kemungkaran, maka hendaklah

mengubahnya itu dengan tangannya, jikalau tidak dapat – dengan atau kekuasaannya, maka

dengan lisannya -dengan jalan menasihati orang yang melakukan kemungkaran tadi -dan

jikalau tidak dapat juga – dengan lisannya, maka dengan hatinya – maksudnya hatinya

mengingkari serta tidak menyetujui perbuatan itu. Yang sedemikian itu – yakni dengan hati

saja – adalah selemah-lemahnya keimanan.” (Riwayat Muslim)

Kemungkaran or any acts which categorized as a sin are not supposed to be done by anyone. Those who got a power, especially power in ruling a country for example, need to ensure that his/her citizenAl Quran as our main references are not committing any sins. Any sins, since he/she got that power, it will be easier.

Maybe they can come out with rules and regulations, as what has been practiced during the era of Khilafah Islamiyyah. A lot of example of the way how Islam rules can be taken in ruling the country. As a muslim, if we trapped in any problems, or when we are in dilemma in making a decision, we need to come back to Quran, al hadith, Ijma’ ulama and Qiyas, those are the reference for us. But why, nowadays, many muslim do not bother about this. There preferred to get any other books or any sources as their reference. I am not saying the other references are bad but they need to refer to the sources which stated by Islam first, especially in ruling a country. Remember dear my fellow rulers, you will be counted on what your citizens have done. If any one of them had committed sins, you will be punished as well because you are responsible to them. Use your power wisely, think about the world and also the here after.

Another hadith that I am interested at is:

188. Keempat: Dari Annu’man bin Basyir radhiallahu ‘anhuma dari Nabi s.a.w.


“Perumpamaan orang yang berdiri tegak – untuk menentang orang-orang yang

melanggar – pada had-had Allah – yakni apa-apa yang dilarang olehNya – dan orang yang

menjerumuskan diri di dalam had-had Allah – yakni senantiasa melanggar laranganlaranganNya

– adalah sebagai perumpamaan sesuatu kaum yang berserikat – yakni bersamasama

– ada dalam sebuah kapal, maka yang sebagian dari mereka itu ada di bagian atas kapal,

sedang sebagian lainnya ada di bagian bawah kapal. Orang-orang yang berada di bagian

bawah kapal itu apabila hendak mengambil air, tentu saja melalui orang-orang yang ada di

atasnya – maksudnya naik keatas dan oleh sebab hal itu dianggap sukar, maka mereka

berkata: “Bagaimanakah andaikata kita membuat lobang saja di bagian bawah kita ini, suatu

lobang itu tentunya tidak mengganggu orang yang ada di atas kita.” Maka jika sekiranya

orang yang bagian atas itu membiarkan saja orang yang bagian bawah menurut

kehendaknya, tentulah seluruh isi kapal akan binasa. Tetapi jikalau orang bagian atas itu

mengambil tangan orang yang bagian bawah – melarang mereka dengan kekerasan – tentulah

mereka selamat dan selamat pulalah seluruh penumpang kapal itu.” (Riwayat Bukhari)

yeah, it is clear, that we need to do amar makruf, nahi mungkar or in English (direct translation), we need to spread a good deeds, and try to prevent anyone from committing sin or mungkar.

Why? Because If Allah got angry with all the people who committed sins, Allah will not give the punishment to those people only but Allah will also give the punishment to the whole people on that area. In the hadith just now, if the people on the upper side of the ship do not care about the down stairs’ people, on what they are doing, it may harm them.

Let say people at the downstairs try to make a hole on the floor, to get the water for some drink and the people on the upstairs do not care on what they are doing, yeah absolutely all of them will sink together. Same goes to the people, when all the good people do not care what their friends and people around them are doing, and let say those people are committing sins, Allah will give punishment not only for the wrong doer, but also for those so called good people. Remember, Allah’s punishment can’t be imagined. It is really horror.  I hope that by looking through all the hadith, every one of us can prepare, to get a betterment in this world and here after.

[I am not an ustaz, so I could not write about the religious thingy as good as any ustaz can do]

PAS Spiritual Leader

[I like the way how the state government of Kelantan, PAS which led by PAS Spritual Leader, TG Nik Abdul Aziz rules Kelantan which always refer to Islam, I think that is why all the Kelantanese do not want to change their ruling party, regardless any races or religions]

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