Internet oh Internet

Posted on February 9, 2010



just arrived in my room…

when i switched on my PC, I couldn’t open my mail..I’d tried to change the ip address (nbproxy, 160.++++, etc), but it doesn’t work..

I went to the next room..

A.Alizul: eh apa ip yg nko pakai skrg ni? (what is the ip that you are using right now)

my friend: LAN taleh pakai la skrg ni, smua org taleh pakai (LAN can’t be used right now, everyone couldn’t use LAN for the time being)

A.Alizul: what the

I m not using ie

huh, luckily I got ‘additional internet sources’, so i can get all my stuffs in my mail…and also to get the lecture notes posted by my classmates into our gg..

kudos to those people!!

yup anyway, about the internet issue, it looks like a non-solvable issue ( I hope that is the right word),  since a very long time ago, about many generations of SRCUTP, up to  the current SRCUTP i guess

During my foundation studies (2006), the internet is quite fast, although i don’t have any PC/Laptop on that time. My friends managed to download many movies through LAN. But as the time goes by, a lot of restriction has been introduced to the UTP students.

In my opinion, the problems come from the students itself, cause students want more. Let say the ITMS give a limit of the file-downloading about 50MB, maybe the students want more, for example to get the latest movie or series or installer, who knows

It may also come from the ITMS, due to the pressure comes from management (maybe it includes lecturers), whenever the management found that one of the factors why UTP students doesn’t perform in their studies


is having a very good internet, to download,playing online game and so on. As the result, they give a limit to the students, and this will make some group of students (those who are really want to get the education material) in trouble.

Anyway, when we have a look on the statistic of the most frequent visited website among students (prepared by ITMS and Welfare Dept, SRCUTP 08/09), if im not mistaken, the first place is not the educational website… maybe one of the causes of the internet problem…

I don’t know pretty much about how the internet connection, ip, network bla3…simply because i don’t take ICT. So, I think, the internet problem is actually comes from our selves, whether you are students, ITMS, lecturers, management or even the SRCUTP it self..

the better way is, use the internet wisely, anything just let the responsible parties know about this..

any comment? maybe we can discuss in the comment section..