Is your English good enough?

Posted on February 9, 2010


mine is not good, and I still need to learn more about english language.

Let me share, how to learn English, in term of grammar for free (online)

Click on this link

There, you can find the rules of English, especially in the proper grammar usage, have a look. English is very important in our daily life.

Other than that website, I would like to encourage any students who are looking for job, to try an English Language Assessment (ELA), provided by the Jobstreet. Have a try, to find out in which level are you in.Click on this

Ok, don’t forget to try

A.Alizul-Maybe later on, we can try to learn Mandarin and Tamil, since both of them are going to be the main languages in Malaysia, and in-line with Najib’s 1 Malaysia

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