Engagement session with class representatives

Posted on February 12, 2010


Future leader of the nation

On 9th February 2010, MPP@SRCUTP had attended an engagement session with all class representatives in UTP. In this session, MPP@SRCUTP was represented by the hicom and all of its programme representatives.

Many issues were discussed between MPP@SRCUTP and class representatives which covers class-related issues up to MPP@SRCUTP related issues. The objective of the engagement sessions and information related to MPP@SRCUTP were briefly explained by the representative of MPP@SRCUTP to the class representatives. The President of MPP@SRCUTP, Muhammad Haniff says, the engagement session between MPP@SRCUTP and class representative should be a good starting point in developing the students’ performance, in achieving the excellence level among universities.

One of the attractive and critical suggestion given by  Mr. Ashiran , the class representative for mechanical engineering final year final semester is the students’ right must be documented as the reference for the students in the future. Besides, he also suggested the rules and regulations of IRC must be revised, in order to increase the number of students to come to the IRC for researches and intellectual purposes.

The former president of MedTech UTP

The class representative of Civil Engineering, final year, Nu’man Hilmy says “This is a good session whereby MPP@SRCUTP can show how close MPP@SRCUTP is actually with the students”.

Nu’man, which is also the former President of MedTech UTP suggested to the MPP@SRCUTP to ask the responsible department to build a cafeteria nearby the IRC. Thus, it can helps students or staffs to ease their needs in getting a meal since the current location of cafeterias are quite far from the IRC.

Both MPP@SRCUTP and all class representatives had shared many ideas about UTP related issues. By having this kind of session, MPP@SRCUTP can improve the relation between MPP@SRCUTP and UTP students, as well as to serve students well.

“Insya Allah, we will try our best in solving students’ issues”, said Mr. Muhammad Haniff

Class Representatives for ICT/BIS with their Program Representatives