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Posted on February 12, 2010


Lets Learn English

English language, the main communication language in the world, currently.

after all, my English Language is not really good, need to improve a lot.

I think, in my age right now, with my responsibility to accomplish my bachelor, my FYP, EOR class, SRC and others, it is quite impossible for me to have an English Class (like tuition or others). hurmm…

But..I’ve found a website, which is for me, it is a good website, for us to improve our English Language..

Click on this link

You will see the home page, as shown below..

Home Page

On the home page, a lot of choices you can choose, just simply click on the category that you are interested in..let say you want to go to the grammar category, just click the ENGLISH GRAMMAR

you will find a page like this (below)..


I left the rest with you, try to explore this website, it is good for your English Language, hope it will benefits you…

Learn English!!

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