Fish Eye and V5

Posted on February 13, 2010


Have you seen the T- junction at the motorcycle parking area, next to V5 A?

It is quite dangerous over there, because a lot of cars keep on moving from the parking area to the main road.

At the same time, people from V5 B which is heading to the T-Junction may not be able to see any vehicles from his/her right side. An accident may occur.

In my opinion, I would be nice if a fish eye mirror is there. It can helps people to ensure their safety before they reach the T-Junction.

Yeah, it may difficult to understand, because it is quite difficult for me to explain it through writing.

Never mind, I will post up the picture and a graphical explanation later on. And I’ll do some survey, whether the Fish Eye Mirror should be located before the T-Junction or not. Stay tune with

This is very useful and effective solution, rather than installing a CCTV for a junction