Rotary Coring

Posted on February 14, 2010


What is Rotary Coring?


Any information about rotary coring?

A rotary coring device and a method for acquiring a sidewall core from an earth formation adjacent a wellbore are provided.

The rotary coring device includes a coring tool having a housing with a core receptacle therein and being adapted for positioning at selected depths within the wellbore.

The coring tool further includes a first gear assembly operably coupled to a rotary coring bit.

The first gear assembly is configured to rotate the rotary coring bit. The rotary coring device further includes an electrical motor configured to drive the first gear assembly for rotating the rotary coring bit at one of a plurality of rotational speeds.

The rotary coring device further includes a hydraulic actuator configured to move the rotary coring bit in a first direction toward the earth formation for obtaining the sidewall core and to move the rotary coring bit in a second direction away from the earth formation.


This is about the Rotary Core Barrel (click HERE)

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