Latest Update on Air Mangga V5 II

Posted on February 17, 2010


Latest update about V5 cafe!!!!

western food and nasik lemak kukus alQuds were chased by de jernih…

what was happened??

I’ve attended the meeting with other MPP@SRCUTP members just now, and one of the issues being discussed was V5 cafe…

I was informed by Wan Ibrahim, the exco of welfare department, the contract will end by march, not yesterday!!!

I was surprised to know about this..

So guys, what should we do?

Wan Ibrahim says, he will provide a petition towards the action taken by De Jernih, and we hope that we can all together, sign in to the petition, to show our support towards the western food, nasik lemak kukus alQuds and Air mangga.

I ll post the link for the petition ASAP, so keep on updating with

if you want us to stay here, support us

(currently i am attending the Baitul Muslim forum, the panelist are habiburrahman el sherazi and Us, come on, its not too late)

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