Air Mangga V5 in Memories

Posted on February 17, 2010


Do you know Air Mangga Station at V5 cafe?

Have you tried the Air Mangga V5?

Air Mangga V5

It is really delicious, for those who have tried, for those who have not, maybe you are not be able to try the Air Mangga anymore..


I’ve read a gTalk status, from one of my friends.

air mangga v5 da kene halau..depan mata..

(Air Mangga V5 was chased in front of me..)

Can you imagine?

tula..dala tu..nangis dpn sy kot

(That’s why?  she was crying in front of me..)

I’ve been informed by my friends, the incident was happened around 11PM, Tuesday Feb16, 2010

So guys, same thing might be happened to the other stations as well, because of the “new comer” ( I think you know what does it mean by new comer)

One of the staff for western station says, “If you want us to stay here, you need to support us”

So what can we do?

Do you want to see V5 cafe become gloomy again?

MPP@SRCUTP is currently working on it, but in the same time, we need all UTPians’ support, especially those who live in V5…

Air Mangga…in memories…but we can change it…