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Posted on February 19, 2010


As promised in the previous post,
This is the chronology of the incidence.

Dec 18, 09
A meeting between D’Jernih and others (the operator of cafes, i.e;alQuds, air mangga, etc, operating under D’Jernih). D’jernih says, the agreement between D’Jernih and UTP will be ended earlier that the agreed date, which is Dec 31, 09 instead of May 14,10.

Dec 21, 09
The operators of the café, had sent a paper work to UTP management, to suggest that all the operators can stay in UTP to operate the cafes, as a stand alone basis, not under the D’Jernih.
But they still do not receive any reply yet.

Dec 22,09
All the operators were informed to attend an interview

Dec 24, 09
One of the operators had received an offer to operate at V3, but this operator refused to take the offer

Jan 5,10
This operator moved to the V3, and had moved all the belongings in pocket C’s café on Jan 3

Jan 19, 10
This operator gives the key of pocket C’s café, after received the deposit from D’Jernih. The other operator (alQuds and others) are still operating in V5

Feb 16, 10
Air Mangga had received an order to stop their operation

Feb 17, 10
AlQuds Nasi Lemak Kukus and Western Food were gone

We are going to find a ‘win-win situation’ solution to satisfy all parties.

But yet, if you think that the alQuds, Air Mangga, and Western provides better that D’Jernih, please let us know, in which category that you feel that they are much more better. We need to have a proof, in which UTP students want those operators to stay, to serve UTP. But how do we know? Click HERE for the survey

A.Alizul-I wonder why that trio need to move away, is it because of their bad services, or their quality, or maybe the cleanliness? Do you satisfy enough with their services?

-FYI, I’ll be one of the facilitator of EMS 2010, from Sat till Sun, and for today (Fri) I’ll be having a safety briefing for FYP 1, and some meeting in the evening. The updates maybe a lil bit late, but do not worry, we are currently working on it. Stay tuned for the latest updates, ‘fresh from the farm (segar dari ladang)’-

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