update: V5 cafe 12:34 AM

Posted on February 21, 2010


just got a phone call from Mr Pres.

they will do a meeting among MPP@SRC member who are currently attending a Leadership Course at Bukit Merah, regarding this issue, and they will have a session with the ISC as well over there..

and i also got a message from Wan Ibrahim (The Welfare Exco of MPP@SRCUTP), he says, currently there are 1701 respondents for the survey….

from my conversation with Mr. Pres, we try to get at least 2000 respondents for us in order to get back the Trio to UTP, to show that we, UTP students really need a very high quality food provider, and we have found who are the best food provider, which is the Trio..

I hope that after this, everyone can spread the link (for survey) to all of the fans of the Trio (click HERE for the survey)

come on, show your support..

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