To all January 2010 Intake Students, Please Read and Spread this news among your friends

Posted on April 7, 2010


UTP, April 4th 2010 – This month is supposed to be the month that is packed with interviews for the SPM 2009 leavers. However, for the students that are currently continuing their studies in UTP (January 2010 Intake), some are in a state of confusion as they are not sure on how to apply for sponsorship for their studies, especially for PETRONAS sponsorship.

After having meetings with officers from ESU as well as representatives from January 2010 Intake, we (MPPUTP) conclude that the January intake students have misunderstood the whole situation. The students thought that they would automatically obtain the PETRONAS sponsorship if their SPM 2009 results meet the requirements stated by PETRONAS, while this is not the case.

The fact is that when the official SPM 2009 results were announced, the students (January 2010 Intake) need to re-apply for the sponsorship via the website. Since many students were not aware of the application process and have missed the deadline, the UTP management and ESU have decided that all the January 2010 Intake students who met the application requirement be called to sit for two additional tests on Sunday, 11 April 2010. The test results together with the previous interview results which were carried out last December for the 2010 Intake will be used to select qualified recipients of the sponsorship.

At the same time, the other SPM 2009 applicants that have applied for the PETRONAS sponsorship through the website will undergo the same process. Only shortlisted candidates will have to attend the Educamp program in which they will undergo tests and interview sessions. Please note that the January 2010 Intake students will be jointly assessed with other SPM 2009 candidates that have applied for the PETRONAS sponsorship.

Thus, we wish you all the best for the two tests and our prayers are with you. A kind reminder from MPPUTP: Do apply for other sponsorships such as MARA, JPA, PTPTN and others as your backup plan and do not miss any opportunity that comes by.

If you have any problems regarding the sponsorship, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

NUR AQILAH MUSTAFA (019-5237704)

ISSA ABDRAMANE (014-2522532)

EXCO 1 and EXCO 2,

Academic and Career,

MPPUTP 09/10.