Posted on April 8, 2010


Hi just came back from GFE class.

what is GFE? GFE stands for Gas Field Engineering..

“Why do I need to bother about your GFE?”, maybe this is one question that might be reached my email once this entry is posted in my blog


Just wanna share with you about my subject, which we need to register for this subject in our final year.

The lecturer of GFE is Associate Professor Aung Kyaw. He is the ex-Engineer of Baker Huges. He is a great lecturer and I believe he is also a great engineer (coz he told us he managed to get survived in one of the poisonous gas case during his time as engineer)

One thing that he used to do during his class is a QUIZ, usually, based on what he is going to teach on that day.

If you refer to the graph that I’ve pasted above, during the first 0-15 minutes, most of the students will not pay full attention. This is due to several factors such as:

1. Just arrived, coz got another class before

2. Just arrived, coz over slept

3. Just arrived, coz forgot where is the class

4. just arrived, coz got a meeting with FYP Supervisor

5. etc…

in the duration of 15th-40th minute of the class, students will start to pay full attention, because usually, some formulas will be introduced for us, and these formulas will be applied in the quiz later on. Everyone will get busy jotting down everything projected on the screen. We can see a lot of enthusiastic faces in this particular period of time

We are almost similar like this...

We move to the peak time in GFE, where the quiz is given. We can see more ‘desperate’ faces, instead of enthusiastic faces because:

1. The time seems to be more faster

2. “OMG, I forgot to bring my calculator”, and GFE needs calculator very much

3. “could you please give me a piece of paper”, some students just bring a note book (not a laptop)

4. “How can we get this value? how about this?”, a lot of discussion among students, just to clarify and justify why they get this and that

5. “Oh attendance list, i forgot to sign, where is the attendance list, where is the attendance list”, oh…..forgot to sign…

6. The next class is coming…

and after that, our lecturer will collect all of the answer scripts…

Sounds terrible is it..

But believe me, everyone enjoy this class, AP Aung Kyaw is one of our pioneer lecturer for Petroleum Engineering, and he is also our lecturer for Well Completion and Production, last time.

Kudos to AP Aung Kyaw and the whole PetroGen06 members!!!!

Note: This is only from my observation, and just a little thought

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